Ori Richmond Medium - Moss


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We’ve taken your beloved ORI London Canfield backpack and added some exciting new features. This roll-top backpack boasts three convenient front zip pockets, and generous interior storage, ensuring you’re well prepared for any adventure that beckons.

It’s rugged, weather-resistant materials and intricate detailing make it a fusion of form and function.

Join us as we redefine exploration and embrace the journey with the Richmond by your side. Your adventure begins now.

Size matters: H 16.14in × W 12.6in × D 4.92in

What’s what?
Outer material: Weather-resistant recycled canvas (triple-coated)
Base material: Weather-resistant canvas (triple coated)
Lining material: Recycled nylon
Hardware: Galvanized, smoked, branded metal
Straps: Cotton webbing adjustable shoulder straps and wide loop handles, v-factor comfort
Zippers: Sturdy durable chunky zips allow easy glide and quick opening for all ages
Vegan Friendly: Our products use no animal products

Did you know? The word Richmond comes from the Norman French 'richemonte,' meaning 'strong hill' – a fitting inspiration for our Richmond backpacks, which are as strong and sturdy as the very hills that inspired their name