Eno Flora

Our story

Our candle adventure began more than seven years ago when we struggled to find affordable candles that weren’t overwhelming or headache-inducing. We started making our own, sharing with family and friends, learning the art and science of candle making along the way. After a lot of encouragement, we decided to turn our obsession with candles into a real business, Eno Flora. We spent over a year (burning more candles than most people will in a lifetime) perfecting our scents, ingredients, and packaging, focusing on quality and sustainability. 

The debut core collection of five scents was inspired by the intersection of color, shape, scent, and memory. Each scent is inspired by our travels and favorite places, memories of warmth and love. We hope that each time you light our candles they will conjure your own warm memories. 

With love and light, Sydney & Aaron.

Made in Durham, NC, Eno Flora candles are made with a custom coconut wax blend (coconut, soy, and palm wax), scented oil, cotton wick, and a little bit of beeswax to adhere the wick to the glass container. Eno Flora candle scents are verdant and bright, inspired by nature.