Wendy Sease founded Indio in 2015 and is thrilled to still be living her dream today.

Indio was born out of the idea that retail should be personal, informative, and most of all enjoyable.

Wendy hand picks an eclectic mix of goods and gifts that are well-designed, unique, and beautiful.  These items are presented in a way to showcase all that makes them special. The mix created at Indio is the perfect go to for authentic gift-giving and for the mindful accessorizing of a beautiful life.

Get off the beaten path and shop with Indio. 

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I love this store and Brightleaf Square in general. Indio's owner is welcoming and the store is full of beautiful things.

Kate M.
Google Review

Wendy does a beautiful job of keeping inventory new and interesting, while still maintaining the staples we've grown to count on (like the world's cutest matchboxes). We love it here!

Kelley F.
Google Local Guide

I really appreciate Indio’s role in our shopping community. They have a good mix of pricing- there’s opportunity to splurge but you can also always find a great gift for a good price. Whenever I have a birthday or Christmas gift that’s stumping me, I’m able to find something wonderful at Indio!