PF Candle Patchouli Sweetgrass


Imagine the scents when the windows are open and incense is burning, that's the aroma P.F Candle Co have blended into this beautiful, deep and relaxing candle. 

Made from 100% vegan and non-toxic soy wax with scents of leather, teak, and orange, these candles are hand-poured into apothecary inspired glass amber jars with a Kraft paper label and brass lid.

Great for dressers, countertops, nightstands, and desks alike, this gift-able soy candle is paraben free, plastic free, and never tested on animals. Get one for yourself, and a friend!


Burn Time: 40-50hrs

Incense sticks measure approximately 10.75" long and burn for about 1 hour. Depending on room size, scent longevity lasts between 2-4 hours.  Each kraft package contains 15 sticks.