Nippon Kodo Incense Bitter Pink Ginger


Brisk and spicy fresh ginger incense to immerse your senses in the abundant gifts of nature. Made with meticulously selected plant-based fragrances, 100% natural. Indulge in the passing of time and let your body and mind slowly unwind.

Product specifications
100% natural ingredients
Non-toxic, no chemicals added
Per pack 30 sticks, with a ceramic incense stand
Burning time: ± 25 min
Do not leave burning incense unattended

Nippon Kodo Incenses
Nippon Kodo’s fragrances come from tying together closely guarded preparation skills that are more than 400 years old, with the sensitivities of modern perfumers. Perfumers with the best noses and instincts interpret and evolve the old tradition to create exquisite fragrances. And experienced craftsmen carefully finish each product with attention to all aspects of the production process: kneading, cutting, selecting, rolling, and packing.