Melaleuca Dusk Faux Botanical


This abundant stem has a wildness to it that you’ll love as much as we do. With multiple faux flower heads on each stem, the Melaleuca will quickly fill a rustic vase and look amazing in an instant.

No Fail Styling Tips
Gather three or five stems in your favorite vase, a warm wood finish works beautifully with this relaxed botanical. Adding a dose of green to your space has a restorative, relaxed and calm feel. Beautiful spilling out of a basket or added to a bud vase with a golden hued decorative tray underneath will take your home styling to the next level.

Materials: Paper, Wire

Single Stem

H20.5 x W9.5 inches (approx.)

Please note: This stem is wrapped in paper and therefore can not be placed in water-filled vases. Additionally, the color shades on each stem may vary slightly.

AA botanicals are made to the highest standard. Many flower heads and plants are made from hand-painted fabric, attached to stems.

To keep your flowers looking fabulous for as long as possible, store away from direct sunlight and moisture to avoid color fading.