Mauve Thistle Faux Botanical


What this tall, textural stem gives to a floral arrangement is a sense of authenticity, bringing a whiff of the forest, meadow and hillside to your home. In a majestic mix of deep purple and blush pink hues, these humble yet showy stems will lend a dramatic flair to your favorite vase. If you're looking to create a textural centerpiece, this faux thistle is a must!

No Fail Styling Tips
Pair it up with some tall faux foliage that is just as architecturally interesting as this thistle, to balance out its natural arching, tall silhouette and unique shapes for a striking display in an oversized vase. Another great tip is to contrast its spiky texture with some soft and delicate faux florals in a similar blush hued color palette. 

Materials: Foam, Paper, Wire

Single Stem

H37 x W5 inches (approx.)

Please note: This stem is wrapped in paper and therefore can not be placed in water-filled vases.

AA botanicals are made to the highest standard. Many flower heads and plants are made from hand-painted fabric, attached to stems.

To keep your flowers looking fabulous for as long as possible, store away from direct sunlight and moisture to avoid color fading.