Kitchen Essentials Collection


Whether you’re whipping up a homemade vodka sauce, peppin’ up your Sunday morning fried eggs, or turning up the heat on Pizza night - we got you! A little spicy, a little savory, and the perfect gift for anyone with tastebuds. Nothin’ but the flavour hits. All griller no filler. Taste and believe.

Salt may be the lifeblood of all cooking, but not all versions were created equal. Dried in the sun off the sunny coast of Sicily, this mineral-rich, small grain version has a clean ocean flavor and dissolves easily, making it the ideal choice for finishing delicate butter lettuce salads, light pastas, and salty-sweet desserts. Dazzlingly white, it’s harvested by hand, as it has been for centuries.   2.5oz

Don’t judge this classic spice by the dusty jar at your neighborhood pizza joint! When prepared fresh and stored properly, red pepper flakes—made from the crushed skins and seeds of red chilis—deliver a bold, but not incendiary, punch to dressings, stews, even a cheese slice. Said to have been processed in this manner by early Macedonians, it fittingly pairs well with other Mediterranean ingredients such as eggplant and tomato.   0.8oz

Ground to fit perfectly out of those tiny pepper shaker holes, the table grind is a classic addition to morning eggs, sandwiches, and your Nana's meatloaf. Native to India’s Malabar coast and cultivated for the past thousand years, this spicy, resinous black pepper comes from a berry that is dried until the skins are shriveled and dark.   1.2oz