Hookah House, 1000pc


1,000 piece puzzle featuring the artwork of Orkideh Torabi

In Iran-born, Brooklyn based, artist Orkideh Torabi’s Hookah House a vibrant scene unfolds across many rooms, scenes of men drinking, smoking, and gabbing away in their safe space away from the womenfolk. The narrative here is culled from Torabi’s memories of gender segregated spaces in Iran and features her ever growing cast of male characters, men both good and not so good- some just plain ridiculous- enjoying their little man-made worlds. Included in the puzzle is an interview with Orkideh along with additional images of her most recent work.

Torabi was born in Tehran, Iran and lives in Brooklyn. She earned her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2016 and she received her MA and BFA from The University of Art in Tehran. Recent solo shows include Museum of Contemporary Art Atrium, Chicago (2021); Salon Nino Mier, Cologne (2021), and Half Gallery, New York (2022).