Carolina's Month By Month Gardening


Tailored to homeowners located in North and South Carolina, this leading title in our acclaimed Month-by-Month Gardening series is the perfect how-to guide for gardeners.  

Ever since the release of 
Carolinas Month-by-Month Gardening's first edition, do-it-yourself gardeners in North and South Carolina have turned to the trustworthy, expert advice of Bob Polomski. Knowing how and when to perform specific tasks is key to gardening success, regardless of whether you're growing trees, shrubs, flowers, or edibles. All aspects of southern garden maintenance are covered for Carolina gardeners, including turf care, pruning, fertilizing, watering, and more. Even during the cooler winter months, you'll be planning for and improving upon the next growing season. Carolinas Month-by-Month Gardening educates gardeners of all skill levels on the best practices for satisfying, rewarding results. 


  • The best lawn grasses for southern landscapes
  • How to care for roses in the Carolinas
  • Tips for maintaining water gardens
  • Advice on managing common southern garden pests
  • Regional care and planting techniques for vegetable and flower gardens

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