Baseline Deodorant


Made with good-for-you, good-on-you ingredients, Baseline is a new kind of deodorant. Rather than relying on irritating aluminum or baking soda, Kinfield uses a proven blend of PH-balancing fruit enzymes and sweat-absorbing arrowroot powder, for a deodorant that's sensitive-skin-friendly and odor-neutralizing.

Baseline is made with a nourishing (and vegan!) blend of sunflower wax, jojoba oil, and cardamom seed oil to help hydrate and soothe your underarm skin immediately upon application. Combined with the PH-balancing powers of red cedar, jasmine, lemon, orange, and tea tree oils.

Goes on clear and glides on smoothly, with no white residue or oily stains left behind.

Size: 2.8 oz / 80 g