Lo & Behold Calendula + Mint Cleansing Grains


Calendula & Mint Cleansing Grains are a refreshing and restorative botanical blend that gently cleanses and exfoliates. The Cleansing Grains also soften and even skin tone while providing nutrients and antioxidants. Carefully formulated to be gentle for all skin types.

Calendula & Mint Cleansing Grains are handmade with soothing, all natural, and local ingredients that lightly wash and never dry out your skin. The aroma of mint and calendula is heightened with essential oils of rose, lemon, and chamomile for an energizing scent perfect for starting your day.

Designed to brighten and restore your complexion, each ingredient provides key nutrients that benefit acne-prone, balanced, sensitive, and aging skin.

  • Full of antioxidants and naturally occurring saponin, oatmeal makes the ideal cleanser and exfoliator for even the most sensitive skin.

  • Rice bran flour absorbs oil, smooths, and rejuvenates your complexion while nourishing the skin with essential vitamins.

  • Kaolin or white clay is the most gentle of all clays. It stimulates circulation to the skin while cleansing and exfoliating.  

  • High in antioxidants, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, and caffeine (which reduces inflammation), green tea promotes healthy skin.

  • A blend of rose, chamomile, mint, and lemon essential oils added to soothe and cleanse your skin and for an uplifting aroma.