Love Touchstone Necklace - Rose Quartz


Our beautiful, smooth, soothing Touchstones were intentionally designed as a tangible reminder of your truths.

These sweet stones warm with your body's heat, exude healing energies, and can literally be grasped onto like a "touchstone" to help you remember your truth.

Our Rose Quartz Touchstone supports you by vibrating nothing but beautiful, powerful unconditional love.

In the deepest core of your being you know you're 100% love. You are divine and without judgement. You are giving, kind, generous, understanding, compassionate, strong, brave, full of life, full of truth for others, (and most importantly) for yourself.

  • Approx. 1" x 2" gemstone paddle
  • Nylon cord with adjustable slider—necklace can be worn close to throat, down to belly, or anywhere in between