Sibilia: Magic Potion Earrings


Sibilia is every bit a reflection of Fernanda's inspirational and colorful lifestyle. Her passion for art and travels throughout the world have informed the colors and textures of each collection.

Fernanda is constantly researching and employing novel metal smithing and jewelry making techniques. Like an alchemist in a lab, she manipulates bronze to create a rainbow of bold new colors and combinations.

Today, Fernanda and her talented team of over 15 artisans continue to meticulously make, by hand, jewelry and home accessories out of a full production and design studio in Buenos Aires. Each piece is made to order. 

Brass Earrings

Brass Hooks

H: 4″ | 9 cm

W: 1.7″ | 5 cm

Handmade in Argentina.
Patinas and oxides are meant to be kept dry. Don’t wear the items while washing your hands nor bathing. Water may fade the colors.