RHS Botanical Art Watercolor Pad


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Rachel Pedder-Smith
Paperback - 56 pages 
Creating beautiful botanical paintings has never been easier with these template outlines and art-quality watercolor paper. Perfect for absolute beginners in botanical art, the ready-to-use outlines allow you to focus on the painting and avoid the accuracy of composition drawings. Each outline includes a finished painting by artist Rachel Padder-Smith and a recommended color palette, so all you have to worry about is enjoying the process!

Included are step-by-step tutorials on all the essential tips and techniques you need to know, from painting different parts of the flower and shiny surfaces to perfecting the fine veins on leaves, as well as advice on how to correctly capture light.

Rachel's stunning illustrations also include fruit and vegetables, so whether you're a lover of autumn leaves, spring daffodils, or even an onion or two, she has you covered. This detailed and visual art book is the perfect start for anyone looking to take up botanical art, refresh their skills, or simply appreciate the beauty of nature.