Poop Bag Carrier - Burgundy Sun


Who said that a dog poop bag holder could not be a stylish pet accessory? At Approved by Fritz, we beg to differ. Our collection of colorful dog waste bag holders will instantly help you level up your dog-walking experience. The colors of your dog poop bag holders are inspired by the street colors of New York City. Our poop bag holders match your love for color, and they are multi-functional, ensuring you always bring your dog essentials in style. The dog waste bag dispensers can hold many things, including (biodegradable) poop bags, plus it has room left for some treats or your keys. The poop bag carrier also has room for at least two poop bag rolls, so you will never run of of these.

A Stylish Dog Poop Bag Holder Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles
Our dog waste bag holders are sustainable, stylish, and easy to use dog accessories. Each one is made from recycled plastic waste bottles. The dog poop bag holders are manufactured in an eco-friendly setting, making each one a sustainable and durable purchase. On top of that, each dog waste carrier holder comes with a stainless-steel swivel hook. It can, therefore, be easily attached to the dog's leash. There is no chance of you forgetting to bring your compostable poop bag rolls when you take your dog out for a walk with this attachment.