I've Venn Thinking Game


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How to Play: Draw the included red and blue discs at random to create unexpected pairings (like the Month of February and Tom Cruise*) and then compete with friends to try to find the funniest thing that they both have in common. You also have the option to come up with your own answers (since you obviously think you’re more clever than we are) Suitable for 3-8 players so go crazy.

Package Includes: 100 red and 100 blue “topics” to pair together, not to mention 520 different pre-written answers.

Perfect for parties: Brass Monkey’s “I’ve Venn Thinking” is the perfect party game to make sure everyone has a great time, bring it to your next college dorm game night, happy hour, or even bachelor/bachelorette party and see for yourself.

Gift Ideas: Ideal gift for birthdays, graduation, holiday gifts, and Christmas