Ursa Major Citrus Riot Body Wash 8oz


This zesty, concentrated body wash gives you a sensational clean without irritating your skin or stripping it of moisture. Its punchy, citrus-infused aroma will leave you zinging in the shower.


Cleanses deeply
We left out synthetic fragrances and unnecessary chemicals in favor of natural, non-drying ingredients that thoroughly cleanse without disrupting your skin.

Won’t strip skin
Aloe and plant-derived Glycerin team up to soothe and moisturize skin, leaving it refreshed yet comfortable.

Sulfate-free suds
Foams up nicely—no sulfates needed. Coconut-Derived Surfactants allow for a concentrated, foaming lather and sensational cleanse.

Extra energizing scent
A bright, citrusy aroma spiked with Ginger, Vetiver, Cedar, and Fir.