Leuchtturm Bullet Journal - Black


A notebook which helps you to organize your everyday life and keep a constant overview of all your tasks, goals, ideas and thoughts? A notebook you can adapt to your individual needs and preferences? What we’re talking about is a Bullet Journal, one of the biggest trends of recent years. At the heart of everything: the notebook. Bullet Journalling is extremely popular – and has been for years. We are hereby letting you into the secret of what all the fuss is about by presenting the Original Bullet Journal® by the designer Ryder Carroll, in cooperation with LEUCHTTURM1917.

Every day, both at work and in our private lives, unanticipated challenges lie in wait. But once we have written them down and organized them into some meaningful order, we can overcome them: To-do lists are the core tool and give structure to our everyday lives. We use them to be able to logically process tasks and, thanks to these lists, we never lose sight of our plans.

Despite all the technical innovations in the age of smartphones and tablets, one invention is outlasting them all: the Bullet Journal. At first glance, a Bullet Journal appears to be a straightforward notebook – but upon closer examination it reveals itself to be a structured everyday assistant.

How can an apparently old-fashioned book trump every mobile app? Because no app is as personalized as a Bullet Journal which you set up and maintain yourself.