Bouquet with Cupcake, 1000pc


1,000 piece puzzle featuring the artwork of Alec Egan

The pleasures of Alec Egan's Cupcake with bouquet of flowers (dessert) are pretty simple. Flowers are beautiful and he paints them beautifully. And cupcakes are delicious. There's really no need to overthink this, even though Alec certainly has- over and over again throughout his floral patterned, Laura Ashley inspired, body of work. This bouquet doesn't need much in the way of unpacking. It's just that nice to look at. Also, that cupcake is making us hungry.

Included in the puzzle is an interview with Alec along with additional images of his most recent work.

Alec Egan is a Los Angeles based painter whose thick impastoed figurative paintings are strikingly banal interior scenes. These spaces are premised on a fictitious memory— willfully playing on tropes of nostalgia. Decorated with lavish floral patterns, the repeated use of domestic items such as furniture, books, and footwear recall personal histories while conjuring hypothetical narratives about the absent residents.

Alec Egan completed his MFA at Otis College of Art and Design in 2013 and received a BFA in creative writing and poetry from Kenyon College. Recent solo exhibitions include Look Out at Anat Ebgi in Los Angeles (2022) and Pets at Charles Moffett, New York (2019).