Less On That Later - Madeline Farber (signed copy)


Madeline Farber's "less on that later" gives us more on everything, right now.

Through an exploration of dichotomy-north versus south, child versus adult, love versus loss- "less on that later" invites us to deepen relationship (with ourselves and others), question belonging, and wonder how much space a person is allowed. Farber reflects on these themes through her experiences in love, childhood, queer/femme experience, and her own rude and relentless subconscious. Her thrilling and often hilarious words provide a raw, visceral roadmap through love and lust, desire and deterioration, and remind us that, sometimes unfortunately, relationships are the point.

In "less on that later" by Madeline Farber, we experience an ode to vulnerability, authenticity, and connection in spite of the inherent pain they bring. In doing so, we are tasked with asking ourselves the collection's central question: where is home and how do you know?

About the Author:  Madeline Farber is a Ph.D. candidate in clinical psychology.  She lives in Durham, NC with her dog Ruth, where she is thoroughly enjoying learning to write from her heart and gut rather than from data.