Lo & Behold

Lo & Behold began with a goal to exceed the highest standards of the natural care industry with an eye towards local community building and a dash of quirky fun. With that in mind, we established a presence at local farmers markets and allowed the feedback of a growing group of loyal customers to steer product development. 

While Lo & Behold continues to grow and change in many ways, we will always be dedicated to quality, strict ethical standards, and of course, to finding new and creative ways to define self-care. 

Our products are a testament to how the legacy of traditional herbalism can intersect with a modern understanding of skincare. The effectiveness of the products comes from a scientifically rigorous selection of ingredients that work synergistically to support skin health.

But to us, it’s deeper than that.  To “Behold” is to witness; it is to direct your gaze with a sense of awe and purposeful understanding. “Lo and Behold” archaically is an expression pointing you towards a gleeful reveal. It's our hope that our products provide you a new routine of self care for both your physical and mental well-being - through nurturing your skin, and providing peaceful moments of revelation for your mind. 

Handmade in small batches in Durham, NC.