Cats Round Tray


Creators and curators of the world's most fascinating and visually inspiring home decor collections, unique fun-filled, art and design into your life with this CATS BIRCH WOOD ROUND TRAY. Featuring the canine cleverness of Anne Bentley's designs, this charming, Swedish-made birch wood tray, from the Cats & Dogs Collection, is the perfect addition to any cat lover's home. Featuring a selection of sleek felines with assorted plants makes for a fun and vibrant design, while the contrasting blue background gives it a bold, retro feel. Also a great gift for anyone who appreciates contemporary illustration and design!

A unique gift, or the perfect tray for serving tea to friends in a cheerful way, this charming cats round birch wood tray will add a splash of colour and dash of feline happiness to your home. This beautiful item can even become a standalone work of art when wall mounted.

Ø 38cm (15")
Birch Veneer with a durable high-quality melamine coating for stain-resistance
Natural Birch wood finish on the back
Safe to use with food
Hand wash and dishwasher safe on a gentle cycle