Lo & Behold Eucalyptus + Lavender Bath Soak 8oz


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Mineral-rich Eucalyptus & Lavender Salt Bath Soak by Lo & Behold soothes sore muscles and has a refreshing, calming, and restorative aroma. This bath soak is carefully formulated to work gently for all skin types.

Eucalyptus & Lavender Salt Bath Soak is made with healing and naturally detoxifying Epsom salt and sea salt. We hand mix the salt blend with relaxing locally grown dried lavender flowers, soothing and cleansing clay, and essential oils. Lavender oil calms the mind, peppermint oil refreshes and cleanses, and eucalyptus oil improves your respiratory system and encourages deep breathing. This rejuvenating bath soak is perfect for a truly serene bathing ritual.


NO: Parabens, sulfates, petroleum, artificial fragrances, or preservatives.

Ingredients: Sea salt, epsom salt, kaolin clay, sodium bicarbonate, dried lavender flowers+, and essential oils of: eucalyptus, lavender, and peppermint. +Blend of Locally Grown or Certified Organic